Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Long distance participation

I asked XCI's GM, Joe Mariano, about the possibility of far flung XCI alums particpating in the WXCI Birthday event.

I thought that those who have the technology available to them, could send a CD or two. He said:

Pre-recorded stuff is not problem, my only request is that it be mailed and to the station by mid January so we can test it on the station to make sure station IDs and other automation work correctly with the production this will also allow plenty of time if any pre-recorded stuff needs to be fixed or re-formatted for automation. When recording it please keep in mind to use an mp3 or wav format. Those work best with automation.

Since I'm in Texas (with a wife, three kids and mounting debt) a recording might be my only option, in February... but I'm holding out hope. I'd also be glad to offer whatever help I can to any who need it (encoding and stuff).

Meanwhile, I dusted off my turntable last night and put a few albums on.


A warning to you all... this can be a "time sucker"... once I started listening to one song, I was reminded of another... then I kept putting on record after record... Mid-way though my journey back in time - I used my brain and actually encoded a few onto my computer. Perhaps it can be a little show prep for my possible CD...

Still... be careful if you do this - personally, I never meant to stay up until 3am.


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