Thursday, October 13, 2005


And what a bargain that Volare was Randy! You had the wagon version of my car, but you didn't have the deluxe white vinyl (looks like real leather) interior (that is, until you bought it).

You know, it was "Frequency Man" and your other spots that gave me the "push" to do my own production work. After you left, I attempted to do my version of NuMusic Frequency Man in '90 or '91 as a tribute.

Christa (who was PD at the time) listened to it carefully. She wasn't sure. I tried my best to live up to the original. I took it in a different direction, but she was cautious. After some hesitation, it was approved, but even though mine got on the air - your two versions were the best.

You showed me how much fun I could have at the station. You introduced me to Pete, which was helpful when I became engineer... not only that, but hanging out with Pete was inspiring in its own way... his basement was NUTS!

From one RF to another - right back attcha, you old space wanderer, you...


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