Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TKs = The Bushwacker

Morgan reminds me that earlier XCI folks might know TK's as the Bushwacker!

Gotta keep these things in perspective. And I'm not sure if it was TKs then or not... for all I know it might have been the Bushwacker at the time.

Which reminds me... (this question is for those who are still in the Danbury area) Is Tuxedo Junction still there? How about Tortila Flats? JK's Texas Red Hots? How about Promises/City Limits... is there a club there now?

I remember a few loosely affiliated XCI events at that place. At least a new music night. Ah City Limits... until I went there I never knew that Gin and Tonics could glow in the dark.

That was back in the day when bars actually had pretzels and bar snacks.


Blogger Donuts and Coffee said...

And before the Bushwacker it was the 6 and 7.

Yes to Tuxedo, Flats and JK's. I don't know City Limite (too old I guess)

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Tuxedo Junction still exists; but it's not the same.
The club has been divided into two clubs...
There's the "Tuxedo Junction Entertainment Complex"... also known as the big room. That room is primarily used for dance parties, bad cover bands, and Chippendale shows.
The other place is called "The Monkey Bar"... also known as the small room. This was the "front" area of the old Tuxedo's. It holds maybe 200 people in it - and that's where local bands play now.
WXCI's Halloween Party will be at the Monkey Bar on Saturday the 29th.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Randy Waters said...

Morgan and Steve (Kirk Michaels) DJ every Wednesday for a few years at "Promises". That was the best!! Where else gould you go dance to stuff like "Boops" by Sly & Robbie and Ministry's "Halloween"? There was nothing else like it. Donna & I used to refer to it as "Freakies" (C'mon, let's go to Freakies...).

What was really fun to watch was the looks on the DISCO FOLKS faces when they'd stumble in and slowly realize they weren't going to hear "Dancin' On The Ceiling" or the "Neutron Dance"!

I will never forget those nights! So, thanks to Morgan & Kirk for making it happen. There were many of us who looked forward to Wednesday even more than the weekend! I often wondered if those guys realized how important those "Nu Muzik" nights were.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Sly and Robbie album is one I've never been able to find in the years since XCI...

"Boops" (tough segue between that and the next song "Fire")and "Halloween" - oh yeah. I can hear both of them in my head now!... together with the collected works of the Thompson Twins... and "Safety Dance"...


Funny... there's a station here in Dallas that plays the "Jack FM" format - and they play an awful lot of 80's new music, along with other stuff...

KDGE in Dallas had been airing new music since 1989 - and since the "Jack format" is tailored a bit for the local area - that may be why they've mixed in some 80's stuff.

Whatever the reason - every now and then I'll wake up to an ancient XCI memory.

2:22 PM  

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