Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rotation and post 1000

The following has been "elevated" from the comments section of a previous post

I find this quite amusing:

"I was going to see if I have any old play-list from back then to see what the heavy rotation songs and any old production to play on the air that weekend."

Heavy rotation songs? When we were doing rock shows back in the mid-70s -- particularly "Night Rock" every night from 11 to 2 -- the only thing "heavy rotation" meant was that the record on the turntable weighed a bit more than others.

We played whatever came to mind -- often only seconds before a song ended. And the only playlists were the handwritten logs we kept of what we played. (Unfortunately, mine all vanished 20 years ago; now they're just in my head.) What made each DJ's show unique was often the records we brought in from our personal LP collections. It was exciting, seat-of-your-pants radio... too bad nobody could hear it more than about a block from campus!

-- Jeffrey Morris

PS: I just want you to know that I just personally pushed the counter to 1000. I was going to post a comment to that effect, but I can't figure out any way to post a new entry -- even though I did last week -- I can only figure out how to add a comment to an existing post.

NOTE: That's because I'm moving (or reposting) some of the comments to the main message area. If you want something on the blog - one easy way is to email me or BJ. -rf


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