Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Spaghetti Splash and the Trike thing

The following is a composite email converstation between Randy and myself

Randy asks:

By the way ...Anybody got pictures of the Spaghetti Splash? Took me three days to get the oil and smell off of me! What a mess that was!

Rich says:

Hey, yeah... I remember the Spaghetti Splash. I think...

Randy says:

The Spaghetti Splash was fun but kind of a dud. I don't remember who came up with the idea, but it sounded good to me. We filled a Kiddie Pool with a couple hundred pounds of Spaghetti and a few gallons of vegetable oil (I remember JR in the school kitchen stirring up the vat of pasta) and have people jump in and wrestle around. It took place one night outside the studio window (in front of where the Cop Shop was).

Contestants would jumpin, 2 at a time, searching through the gooey mess looking for poker chips with numbers on them. That meant a prize of some sort. We talked it up on the air and encouraged people to show up in their best Splash attire, but nobody really knew what that meant.

A few had scuba gear but most were in shorts & a t-shirt. This would've probably been around '85 and mudwrestling was big back then. The Splash was a variation on that theme.

As it turned out, only a few people jumped in ...mostly XCI staff and listeners. There were a bunch of spectators, but they all thought we were a bunch of freaks anyway, and really didn't want much to do with us in the first place. They just looked on... certain that we indeed were a bunch of freaks.

Clean-up was a bitch.

Rich says:

Yeah, I think I was on the staff of the Echo at the time. We saw lots of stuff go by our door. I also rememeber a reoccuring event about drunk driving that we did with the campus police... a tricycle was involved and cones. I also remember the days when we used to do a remote during registration. That was in the days when it was in the gym, and it looked like the floor of the stock market, with everyone clammering for classes. I think that whole thing petered out the last semester I was there, when everything started going electronic.

Randy says:

Oh jeeze. The Trike thing. Yeah, that was me actually. Captn. Morgan & Coke. I remember the headline in the Echo... DJ Trikes Drunk. I managed to hit every cone and rolled the trike. I think I still have the newspaper article.

Rich says:

I remember XCI did that a few times while I was there. It had to be some kind of event to discourage drunk driving.

Randy closes:

I didn't know the trike thing was recurring tho'. I only did it once. Worst hang over I ever had. Last time I had a Capt. Morgan & Coke too.


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