Monday, November 07, 2005

Hugh on Life Membership / Post Participation Award

Life Membership

Over the years there have been several people who I thought deserved the honor who either weren't nominated, or who didn't get enough votes-you need 2/3, and more than one person was only a single vote shy. So I share the sense that there have been some deserving people who were passed by.

The constitution is pretty clear-only active members can vote on Life Members, and since the honor is awarded for service that the voters are aware of, there really is no way to remedy what might seem to be an unjust oversight.

On the other hand, it means that the honor can't be easily removed. Twice in my experience members wanted to revoke Life Membership of people who had become particularly annoying, and my position has always been that only the people who voted to award the honor can vote to revoke it. So the people who are Life Members are pretty safe.

Post Participation Award?

What we can do is establish some sort of Post Participation award (not all WXCI Alums are WCSU alums) that recognizes outstanding contributions or achievements or just about anything we want. I'm sure that WXCI would grant wall space for a plaque, although we'd have to pay for it (pay a dollar or your vote doesn't count?).

I'll invite proposals, either here or directly to me. Who gets to vote? What do people get honored for? Should we announce the "Honored" on the Birthday day?



Blogger Rabbett said...


Gosh Hugh, I forgot all about Charters, constitutions and bylaws and such....

See what happens when you're out of school for a long time? The really important stuff kind of disappears from one's mind like a leaky gutter.

I'll ponder your invite for proposals and see if I can come up with anything and get back to you factoring BJ's request to bestow something upon ET as well. I'll pop for the first $100 towards the plaque as my punishment for bring it all up.

And yes it was Darlene Lewis, BJ - that man has a mind like a trap!

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