Saturday, February 25, 2006

Revised Alumni Day Schedule

At last count there are holes.

I have not received an update regarding this - all I know is the following people will not be on the air when they planned:

Scott Brunjes and Adrienne Lalla

That means that (again, last I heard) 2pm and 4pm will be filled by other people.

The Schedule will be:

12pm Scott Ventrella 1982
1pm Morgan Williams 1987
2pm ??
3pm Jesse Gosselin 96
4pm ??
5pm tom zarecki
6pm Greg Wencek 73-75
7pm Bill Baker
8pm Rudi Hauser and Mike Wright late 80s 9pm Pamela Meister late 80's
10pm Jeff Morris 74'
11pm Rich Frolich


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