Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A radio infection

I recently had a chance to step into the studios of KLUV / Infinity / CBS (etc) on Monday.

The folks who do the morning drive want to recreate a radio drama - and they asked for my help. How cool is that? As I walked in with my 14 channel Mackie, and a few bags over my shoulder, one guy joked, "What are you bringing that into the station for?" The answer, "We're going to do a little quality radio production." "Interesting concept" was his reply.

Scary how things don't change much. The actual studios were the way I remember WXCI... WDAQ... WRKI... heck, they look like my home office with piles of papers, slices of apples, empty soda cans and lots of blinking lights (my office has lots of blinking lights too)... The only major difference I saw from my time in radiowas a whole lot more computers and internet everywhere...

Scary... but it all felt comfortable. While we recorded the piece, it was nice to be a part of "it" again... recording with real RE20 broadcast mics instead of the SM58s I normally use. Sitting around a production room instead of some space in a museum or old movie theater.

I guess this experience was another radio 'booster' infection. Just another way I keep getting pulled back in...

Chances are the broadcast will not be offered on line (what with commercial radio's relationship to the internet) - but I'll see if they'll let me pod cast it after Christmas.


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