Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Pod cast - The 70s


Here's the first podcast.

Yes, the station itself is broadcasting through the air and streaming online, but we - the alumni are streaking across the vast wasteland of space and time.

Do your part

Please let me know if you have anything we can put on the pod-cast. Please avoid music and other material we don't have official rights to, (beyond fair-use).

I would think interviews, interesting talk-overs, public affairs, production, public interest... that kind of stuff that you did inbetween spinning tunes would be perfect - and maybe some stuff that you did shortly after your time at XCI.

For example, there are somethings that I did in association with the public access channel in Danbury, that might end up on the podcast - because they're just THAT awful. If you have anything, no matter what format, just shoot me an emailback this-a-way, and we'll see what we can do.


WXCI '88-'91


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