Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I've still got a few. More than a few. The only trouble is - they're all me and my own shows.

I wish I had a chance to tape some of the other DJs who were on the air during my time at XCI - I listened to the station a bunch, too (I knew some DJs who never listened to XCI... they just did their show and left) - I listened to the station whenever it was on, but as far as recording it - I was selfish.

Each week in between shifts, I'd listen to the cassette and try to remember what worked and what stunk... I guess I was trying to improve. I don't know how good it worked, and it still boggles my mind how I ended up with a 2'x2' box of 'em, (or more) 18 hundred years later...

And then there's the big question of how a college student, working part time at the Ethan Allen Inn or B Dalton Booksellers or the Ruth Haas Library (and various other menial jobs) could I afford to buy so many freakin' cassettes??

Ponderous... freakin' ponderous.

Hey... I wonder what airchecks are on now-a-days... can you plug an ipod or minidisc recorder into the board mix now? Can you capture an mp3 and put it on a memory stick or just burn a CD when the show's over? I guess the possibilites are endless.


Blogger Jesse Goose said...

I was the same way.
I listened to XCI all the time. It didn't matter who was on.

As for airchecks... I only have tapes of myself and some snippets of other jocks. Wish I had more.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Rabbett said...

I threw all mine out when i tossed my Otaris and began recording to hard drive back in 1995 at home. I also had hundred of scoped cassettes from 98 rock and when the garbage man came and picked up my trash several dozen cassettes fell into the street and got run over for a few hours before I got up and rebagged them again for the next trash pickup a few days later. some things just won't go quietly....

12:12 AM  

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