Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rabbett says:


WHAT THE F***&*^%#K?

Pam needs to be voted in as a Life Member. I am shocked she never was made one. Lets make her the co-Life member with me for 1977. I'm lonely all by myself... and how the heck did that ever happen?

Shocked and saddened to not see Pammie "Pooh" on the LM list... Let's fix that.

All in favor please comment in the affirmative!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago I read the news on Fridays; and played the intro to the Pam show...sometiems she ran late and I got do "play" DJ for a while. I always remembered that as being fun. I know the xci crowd did not include me as one of their own - but Pam did. Hope she is well.

Class fo 1979

6:25 PM  

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