Friday, October 21, 2005

Morning Sickness premiers new song!

I'm reminded, this morning of a classic "Morning Sickness" moment in '85 or '86 when Bill Baker announced that he was about to premier a new song by either Skinny Puppy or Sonic Youth and then put a hairdryer up to the microphone for a few seconds.

In the words of Steve Martin, "comedy is not pretty". Thankfully, I don't think I was driving at the time.

He also predicted that a new McDonald's sandwich - "the McDLT" one that kept the hot side hot and the cold side cold in a large styrofoam container would be a big flop - "because the container was too big to fit under your carseat when you were done."


Blogger Rabbett said...

I had a dj friend named O'Henry who was in the Marines. He did a weekend show at KKUA in Honolulu. He ended up having to move to Virginia and on his last show for four hours he promoed the piss out of a "Special Announcement" coming up at the end of the show. As he was about to finally make his special annnouncement he cross faded. He turned down his mike slider and brought up a cart with :60 of static and then at the top of the hour hit the station id and the next guy's shift started. A very classy way to go if you ask me.

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