Thursday, October 20, 2005

XCI moments

Since leaving it's sphere of influence, "XCI moments" are a bit rare for me. But today, as I was driving home, I had one... Yup, in its own little way it brought me back.

Thanks to the Texas Radio Theatre - I've met a number of people in Dallas / Fort Worth radio... while I was switching stations and heard a voice I recognized. We'd worked together on a few audio plays - and there he was doing the traffic report.

OK, for those who still work in broadcasting - I suppose this isn't a big deal - but for me it brought back memories of when I could turn on the radio - and 88% of the time, it would be someone I knew.

It was even a better feeling when I was away for a while. When I came back from a trip to New York or Long Island, I'd be on 684... I don't remember where it was... but there was a small hill that once I drove over - XCI would come in clear as a bell. I'd tune it in - turn it up and I'd already be that much closer to home. Coming the other direction on 84 - I think there was a hill just outside of Waterbury that XCI's signal used to reach to. I should think these days, with 3000 watts it'll go a bit farther.

In August of '91 I moved to Texas - but I remember still getting echos of that feeling whenever I visited for a couple of years... and even though I'm a stranger to 99.44% of the folks at the station... I still have an urge to tune in 91.7 once every year or so when I'm driving up 684.



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