Thursday, October 20, 2005

WXCI stickers on the WMRQ van...

Back in 1997 a Hartford based "Modern Rock" station known as "Radio 104" (which is now a hip-hop station) came to WestConn and setup their Promotions Van right outside WXCI's White Hall studio. Myself and several other DJ's were rather ticked about this. They were playing their music and giving out station swag literally right outside our door!

The nerve!

Our plan was to let WMRQ know that we weren't exactly thrilled about this. We setup our mobile unit speakers right outside the studio and began our our impromptu remote broadcast.

I can't remember exactly who took this next step; but one of our WXCI staffers had the awesome idea of sneaking up behind the Radio 104 van and putting WXCI stickers on it.

A couple of WXCI stickers were placed on the Radio 104 van; and some pictures were quickly taken. One of those pictures is still in the WXCI studio to this day.

When it was all over we were packing up our stuff and we could hear the Radio 104 people all ticked off because they couldn't get the XCI stickers off. They drove away with our stickers on their van. Serves 'em right for setting up right outside our studio.

In the long run WXCI has been playing awesome music since 1973. WMRQ no longer exists. When "Modern Rock" wasn't getting ratings anymore Radio 104 morphed into Power 104... a hip-hop station.

Don't mess with college radio suckers!

-- Jesse


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it... "BACK IN 1997"...

As if that was such a long time ago...

I've got socks older than 1997!

2:53 PM  
Blogger Rabbett said...

when I was at 98 rock in Honolulu we had a salesman named Lee who had funguy license plates. One of our air staff went out with some white tape and edited the plate to read fungi. Lee drove around like that for months until one day he got pulled over by a biker cop and got a ticket for defacing his plate.

yeah we loved that guy....

12:08 AM  

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