Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dan Clarke plans to "lock the catbox"

I am interested in doing an air shift once again for alumni day 2007! Especially since my son was singing "Lock the catbox, lock the catbox... " from the TV commercial..I said its" Rock the Casbah", from the Clash, who made the most important album of the 80's, London Calling...he said huh?..the who? Yeah, I would love to do an air shift...

Happy New Year!!

Dan Clarke
Life Member 1981

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life After College Radio

The email buzz has been favorable to forming a panel like what Hugh suggested.
I'm not sure if it would be broadcast, but it ought to be recorded.

Working title: "Life After College Radio"

... is there life after college radio?

Man, that's a loaded question.

After all, college radio... and radio in general has changed so much in the last 30 years (not to mention the last 5)... that the question of what happens next may be slightly philosophical.

It's not as cut and dry as the days when you could spin records on XCI and then scoot right into a commercial gig doing practically the same thing.

Once upon a time people with passion and talent for broadcasting (or music or audio production and advertising) had few options - college radio gave them a leg up into an industry that absolutely required experience.

Things change. Who needs a broadcast licence? Who needs a radio station?

Just get a computer.

Audio and broadcast equipment are being sold to both professionals and complete novices alike who podcast.

Computer applications (some of them free) allow folks to edit and produce audio in a digital environment.

YouTube, Myspace and other such websites provide the platform, and are a veritable cess pool of human expression, where you can, at the click of a mouse, hear more stuff by unpolished folks than college or non-commercial radio could ever give you.

So "what happens after college radio" may only be the beginning of the discussion.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bob Kost

Anyone ever hear from Bob Kost who was at WXCI in the mid to late 1970's


Ron Peeler
WCSC 1974

Monday, December 04, 2006

The groovy unpierced fossils...

bj says:

Hopefully I will be able to take part in the Birthday festivities. I'd probably be better suited to a group segment like last time rather than my own individual shift.

I'd be more willing to hang out and help with logistics and answer any questions folks might have about the "early days" (if anyone even cares anymore).

Maybe I'm just getting too damn old to try and figure out how to work the board. LOL. I just figure SOMEBODY has to represent the unpierced fossils of yesteryear.

Hmmm... So does that mean NOT getting pierced or inked is the NEW avant garde?

WXCI Day is Feb 24th

Message from Hugh:

Oddly enough, we talked briefly last night about this. It will happen on the last Saturday in February (the 24th), and the WXCI Program Director, Jen Ackerly, will again coordinate the shifts.

Shifts will probably be an hour, depending on the number of people who participate, and people are welcome to share a shift.

I was also thinking of trying to get a panel together for Friday afternoon to speak to students about Life After College Radio. If there is interest in this we'll see if we can get some funding for
refreshments, and maybe go out for dinner (unfunded) after.

Thanks for getting things started,


The results are coming in...

Counting down for:

WXCI Alumni Day 2007

As far as I know, you only need to be an alumni to be a part of the reunion.

So, if you ever worked at the station in any official capacity - let me know, and I'll keep you in the loop. (email address on sidebar... i think)

So, what's the buzz?

Ed Struski says: "Yeah, I have some interest..."

Gregory Wencek says: "See you there..."

Michael Wright says: "Aw shucks, I'll probably do something!"

Troy Canton says he might be out of the country. But he asks if anyone knows what happened to Krista and Romina. I last heard from Romina in Arizona.

Tom Zarecki says he may also (coincidence???) be out of the country shortly after the date, but may 'pop in to annoy someone'. :)

Adrienne Lalla says she'd be interested!!!

Morgan Williams says: " are official and you Rock!" (no really, I have the email... and he used the internet to send it to me, so it must be true)

and finally, Rudi Hauser asks... "will they allow us to go on the air again?"

Will they allow us back on the air....


Golly I hope so. New group of people... new folks at the wheel... I'll let you know as I know...

unoffical WXCI Alumni Day coordinator

Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's that time again


I guess I should dust off all the email lists and see if we can get some momentum for WXCI's 2007 birthday bash.

It's about 3 months away!

Hugh has pledged his support, and I hope we can ask some help from any allumni still living in the Danbury area.

WXCI's birthday is coming... and it's only 34!

Sure, it's but a wee one... still in diapers when compared to WPRB... but it's ours!