Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yesterday was the day

We knew that Scott Brunjes wouldn't be there, but we're not sure what happened to Scott Ventrella - so our reunion didn't start until 1pm.

It turns out current XCI Staffers...
Chris - Promotions
Anna - Business Director
Joe - Former GM
Jim - Current GM
and Hugh McCarney were all there to welcome alumni as they came in.

At 1:00 I heard Morgan Williams' first break... so I knew everything was cool.

Morgan jocked from 1 to 3.
I took the helm at 3.

Nobody showed up for 4:00 - but Tom Zarecki showed up early; so we split the difference. I went until 4:30 and Tom took over at 4:30.

After that everyone showed up as far as I could tell.

It sounded great. I think everybody was having a great time. I had to get back to New Haven - so I left XCI around 5:30 - but everyone was sharing stories and enjoying hanging out.

Hugh snapped a few pictures - so those should be headed your way.

I have a CD of the first 72 minutes of my show. I only brought one CD to air check with because I thought I only had an hour. I got as much as I could - but I'm missing the last 18 minutes of my show. It's one gigantic track.

OK so a 12:00 start didn't happen; but once 1:00 rolled around everything went great.



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