Monday, October 31, 2005


Hey! Someone is using my name on Blogspot....grrrrr

I can't set up an account using my own name...... nor retrieve any log in info...can't post....

How many rabbetts can there possibly be? Who has hijacked my name and why?

grumble grumble grumble

First Song

Bruce Anderson posted on October 23rd about the first song I played when we signed on back in 1973. I can't for the life of me remember but I am wondering if Tom Z has all the old playlist books. I bet he'd remember. Seems he remembers everything.

Someone should contact Z and see what he says or find out what happened to those books. Or maybe Stan Mingo has them...hmmmm BJ? Do you have them?

3 Swell guys

Regarding another post on the 3 Swell guys. Whomever posted did not remember Jeff "Rasputin" Morris. "Spute" was also the creator of the original WXCI 91.7 logo we all know and use and love. 3 Swell guys were myself, Dave Nanavaty and Jeff Morris. Jeff did a bulk of the production and we generally were just fooling around in production when we'd create whatever it was we used to create. Lots of psa's actually. We ran no commercials as we were commercial free.

I confess!

I lifted one of the logo emblazoned plastic Michrophone squares. I just noticed it on a shelf down in my old studio the other day collecting dust.

I should either be tarred and feathered or I should have the thing encased in lucite and send it back huh? Might make a good paperweight or entry into the future WXCI Museum. Or maybe someone should come out here and take it away from me? ;)

- who was Bob Mallory married too? can you name her? And whatever happened to her? (this part I do not know)

Bob Mallory smoked a pipe and it drove a lot of us nuts. Another WXCI Dj also smoked a pipe - can you name him? He and his wife live in Monroe, Ct. He used to room with Bob Fauble who worked in the Echo. Whatever happened to Bob? He always hung around with us in the WXCI office. (this I do not know either - just asking)

By the way Les Andrews, our GM from way back when lives on O'ahu and works downtown as a financial planner. I used to run into him every once in a while down on Bishop Street in Honolulu. Haven't seen him in a couple years.... Les suspended me one time for yelling at and throwing one of our "newsmen" out of the studio.

- HIS NAME WAS Steve XXXX - He shared a last name with a real former CBS famous newscaster but was no relation. He claimed to have done everything before anyone else did. I remember when he claimed he wrote and published the very first Underground Newspaper. No wonder I threw him out of the studio. (Les' girlfriend did not like him either - in fact I don't remember anyone who did.....)

- what was the name of the lady who was our College President back when the transmitter was in the Administration building attic with that cute little 10 watt double ring antennae sticking off of the roof?

- Instead of taking showers Pete Oates used what?

- Who was taller than I am and also was named Peter?

Aloha from Kailua!


Blogger BJ the gruntled said...

Wow....Rabb's Halloween post was a real treat. I don't know who the individual is who stole his Blog ID, but I hope that person gets endlessly spammed by some lawyer in Nigeria looking to give away several million dollars.

I'll take a stab at a few of his "memory joggers".

First, the first song.I've got no clue Rabb. I don't even remember the first song I played on my first FM show. I know I was using Hot Tuna as an intro/theme, but that doesn't count. I have some of my own old playlists, but not anyone else's.
Tom Z might know, and Tom Z might THINK he knows.Whether he actually does, only God knows.

Re:3 swell guys. I thought I made it clear in my previous post that the three were Rabbett, Jeff, and Dave. Any similarity to people still living useful and productive lives is purely coincidental.

Re:Bob mallory. Bob was married to Dominique LePoutre, who was also known as Mimi Mallory. She could melt your heart when she started speaking french. I have no idea where either of them are, but know that we wouldn't be having this fun blog without their contribution to WSCT/WXCI.

Re: pipe smoker- That must be Greg Loehr, I still remember Greg's morning show "Breakfast on the Breezeway" where he dangled a live mic out the XCI window to catch the sounds of birds and other atmospheric elements. It was fun, right up until that morning some hung-over student started cussing out his girlfriend right below our window.

Memory Jogger #3...Steve Kalb. A nice guy, but you learned very quickly that he was a legend in his own mind, and shouldn't take him too seriously.

Memory Jogger #4- Dr Ruth Haas. Not only did they name the library after her, but Wesconn wouldn't be what it is today without her. I remember she single-handedly took then Gov Tom Meskill out to the woodshed for suggesting that the state sell off the property where the West side campus now sits. He didn't suggest it a second time.

Memory Jogger #5- Pete Oths (now Pete Ochs) used Patchouli oil. Still gives me a headache just thinking about it. Contrary to popular belief, he bathed quite regularly.
He now lives in the washington DC suburbs, and has spent a great deal of time in the sultinate of Oman...even wrote a book about it. I'll get in touch with him and have him ship some patchouli oil to Hawaii.

Memory Jogger #6. Peter Fass. Not only was he "altitude-enhanced", but he went on to be XCI News Director. I have since heard that he's become a member of the clergy.
Guess he got tired of dealing with short know-it-alls like Tom Z and decided to supersize.

That's all for now.....anybody else wanna give it a try?

1:55 PM  
Blogger Rabbett said...

Jesus - I had to create a damn blog just to be able to comment.

BJ wins!

And does BJ remember Les Andrews' girlfriend's name?

And was she a real blonde?

ps: my new blog is called

11:39 PM  
Blogger BJ the gruntled said... about a memory jogger.

The name Darlene Lewis pops into my head.

Whether or not she was a real blonde......umm, I never knew her intimately enough to be able to tell. And I was not about to risk getting my ass kicked by Les in order to find out.

I'd be ok with Pam becoming a LM IF, and only IF...Evans Travis was as well. ET was a solid backup to Bob Mallory at a few points, and there wasn't much he wouldn't try to do for the good of the station.

8:06 PM  

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